Mortise locks 101

  • Here some door lock would have a handle along with it that would make your work easy by using that “sash lock”, you can open as well as close the door easily.
  • When you prefer the lock without any handle then you can pick up the “deadlock” and this type of locks are non-deadlocking and normally it would be a pin tumbler rim lock.

Mortise locks 101The mortise lock would be depended based on its lock, trim, strike, plate and keyed cylinder. When you also would like to fit them in your home by yourselves then you cannot able to fit in perfectly because you would have not done this before. In that case what can you do? You can make use of the locksmith help. for more information visit

  • It is because they would have a well equipped tool for fitting inside it.
  • When everything goes perfect then there would be any damages found in your doors.
  • As well you can feel safe and comfortable whenever you lock and go out and come back.

Special features of mortise locks 

When you just see the mortise lock it would be entirely different when compared to the normal type of locks. It provides the unbelievable durable power and you can abele to find them with in different designs as like the stainless steel and antique to the rustic contemporary designs. Where you can buy and make use of the latest model locks that suits for your pretty doors.

What can you do when you found your lock is not functioning properly?

You may buy and use the latest and trending Mortise lock 101 but also due to some problem it might had damaged in between. This would put you in hectic situation whenever you open as well as you close your door. If this should not happen in that case you pick up the best locksmith and utilize their services. You can contact them through online within few minutes they would rush up with their team in front of your home. They would investigate the problem and solve them as well they would repair everything and make the situation as like normal always.