Different Types of Keys

owners of homes, cars and companies, it is important to be knowledgeable on the different types of keys that exist. Since there are so many keys for so many unique types of locks, so it might get a little overpowering. Car keys and house keys are all frequent and easy to recognize. But there are a large number of distinct keys which are not normal enough to be immediately recognizable. Learn more about this subject in this website

Here’s a list of some of the more uncommon Kinds of keys:

Double/Four-Sided Key

Commonly used on house locks, double-sided and four-sided keys differ from normal keys in that they have either two or four sets of teeth . The set of four teeth results in a more durable key. The added sets of teeth also makes the lock more difficult to select, employing a very simple approach to boost security in your home and deter burglars.

Transponder Key

A transponder is also referred to as a chip secret. The transponder is a digital key used in modern automobiles, which is triggered by a radio signal sent from the car when placed inside the ignition. Fundamentally, transponder keys include a processor inside them that typically connects to the ignition of the car. These types of keys have been designed to stop theft, and they are extremely tricky to replicate. Because of this, it reduces the likelihood of someone making a backup and trying to steal your vehicle. In some situations in which the wrong key can be employed, some automobile models will shut down completely.

Also known as a passkey, a skeleton key is a simple key having a cylindrical shaft and one toothed end, which is utilized to start out warded locks. However, warded locks are no longer being used, so the expression”skeleton key” is now somewhat of a catch-all term for keys that may open any lock of a particular kind. The renowned”keyhole” icon comes in the plan of all warded locks.

Abloy Key

The Abloy key is used on disk tumbler locks. These kinds of locks use a particular key that rotates disc such as a tumbler and aligns them into place to unlock. It is springless, and famous for being impossible to select. Nearly every home in Finland uses an Abloy lock and key system.

Dimple Key

A dimple secret is an easy sort of key that utilizes fitting cone-shaped dimples on the secret to match two sets of hooks from the lock.

A paracentric key will be a key used to open an paracentric lock. This key has small teeth in the conclusion of the primary and is known by its own twisted blade form. Even the paracentric key is frequently utilised in prisons and can be used to discourage lock picking.

A tubular key

Also called a barrel secret — is a little key with a cylindrical shaft used to open tubular pin tumbler locks. These keys are often found in things like vending machines and bike locks. These keys are usually more difficult to replicate than standard tumbler keys.


Today, most hotels use keycards; and chances are, if you have ever stayed in a resort you’ve used a keycard. Keycards are both small and flat, and are added into a mechanism around the door to unlock it. The mechanism reads the touch, normally seen in a magnetic strip on the cardand to unlock the door.

Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Locks and Keys

Locks and keys both require maintenance for them to avoid breaking and perform smoothly. It’s very important to take care of your lock and keys if you want to keep them in great shape. Fortunately, there are many ways to make these things last longer, and if you are looking for one, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we have provided some ways that will allow you to maintain your keys and locks. Let’s not wait any longer and proceed below!

Watch out for extreme weather

Extreme temperatures can cause lock issues, and you should watch out for that. Very warm and cold temperatures are bad for your lock as the metal of your lock’s mechanism to contract or expand. Fortunately, you can keep your locks safe even in extreme temperatures by simply lubricating them. It’s very important to keep your locks lubricated at all times. This will allow you to easily and smoothly turn the key no matter the temperature. Make sure to lubricate your door locks at least once or twice a year to keep them working properly.

Avoid forcing the lock

When the key is inserted into the lock and it is turning a little bit or not turning at all, don’t and never push the key too hard or force the key to turn in. Forcing the key to turn might bend and break the key as well as bend the metal of the lock. You can try turning the key gently, but make sure not to force it as this is bad for both the keys and locks. After all, you can always disassemble the lock if you can. If not, better leave it to the professionals instead.

Clean your keys

If you want to maintain your locks, then better maintain your keys as well. A dirty key could harm your locks. If you’re opening a door with a dirty and grimy key, debris and dirt could break into the lock mechanism and cause damage. It is crucial to keep your keys clean at all times. You can achieve a dirt-free key by wiping it down at least once a month and not storing them in places or area where they can collect grime and dirt.

Follow the tips above and you should be able to keep your locks and keys in tip-top condition. These tips will make it possible for your keys to last for the long term.

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Locks That Can Help Increase Your Home’s Safety and Security

Locks That Can Help Increase Your Home’s Safety and Security

When it comes to considering your home’s safety, it is important to make sure that all your locks are working properly and in good condition. Fortunately, there are different types of locks that will allow you and your loved ones to be at ease and away from potential dangers such as intruders and burglars. To make it easier for you to protect your property and family, below are some of the best locks that can help improve your security and safety. Let’s not wait any longer and proceed below, shall we?

Portable locks

Portable locks are easy to install. In fact, you can set it up within just a few minutes even without using any tools. These locks are commonly constructed from steel, so there’s no doubt that they are pretty durable. It may look simple, but it gets the job done very well in terms of keeping your home safe and away from threats.

Swing locks

Most swing locks are not only durable but affordable as well. If you’re looking to improve your home security but you are on a budget, then consider investing in swing locks. Like portable locks, swing locks are also quick and easy to install. This act as a backup lock to the primary lock of your door and it allows you to open your door a little bit, enabling you to see and speak whoever is on the other side.

Deadbolt locks

While deadbolt locks are often quite pricey, they work exceptionally well when it comes to securing your home and protecting your belongings and family. Unlike other locks, deadbolt locks have solid construction and materials that enable them to withstand medium to heavy impacts with little to no effort. These locks are designed to last for many years and they are definitely one of the best anti-theft locks out there.

Digital locks

Digital locks can only be unlocked by inputting the right code. That means only those who know the code can access it. This works best for businesses, but you can also use it to increase the safety and security of your home. However, digital locks are expensive so make sure you have enough budget before you decide to get one.

Yes, there are lots of locks to choose from, but only some of them stand out. Above are some of the best locks that can significantly help improve your home’s safety and security.

Common Lock Issues and Solutions

Door locks keep your property, loved ones, and possessions safe and away from potential dangers such as thieves or intruders. But what if your door locks and keys are faulty or broken? Well, that can be a real problem. Fortunately, most lock problems are easy and quick to fix. In fact, you can do it alone if you have the right tools and techniques. Below we have provided some common lock problems and the solutions how to help avoid or solve them.


Key broke indoor


Breaking a key in a door can be extremely frustrating, and it is one of most common locks and keys issues business and homeowners face. Broken keys typically occur when you are trying to rush the securing or opening of the lock. You can avoid this by simply taking your time when you are unlocking or locking the door. This will not only prevent you from the breaking the key in the lock but as well as make sure that the lock is secured properly.


Key is not inserting


There are many reasons why a key won’t insert into the door. In this case, the first thing you should do is to check if you are using the right key. While this may sound obvious, most people make the mistake of opening a lock with the wrong key. If you’re using the right key but the key is still not inserting, don’t force it. Instead, call a reliable locksmith to diagnose the problem in no time.


Lock isn’t working


If your lock is not working properly or it is not working completely at all, it’s best to leave this issue to the pros as this is commonly caused by a mechanical issue. While you can remove the lock and try to find the source of the issue, there’s no guarantee that you can fix it by just disassembling it. You can always reach out to a professional locksmith if you are having problems with your locks.


Slow door locks


Slow door locks are easy to fix. When grime or dirt has gathered in your locks, this issue occurs. All you have to do is to grab a cotton swab and insert it into the lock. This will allow you to collect the dirt inside the lock. If this does not work, try to lubricate the lock. Avoid grease and oil and stick to silicone spray to lubricate the faulty lock.


You have two options when your locks break: fix it yourself or call a professional. If you have proper tools and you have an idea how to fix lock and key issues, then that’s great. If not, then better leave it to the professionals.



Car Lockout ? – Get a Locksmith!

There are particular services you believe you never want but are glad to have them whenever the demand for these services arises. Obtaining yourself locked away from your vehicle can be quite frustrating and rather embarrassing. It may even be harmful if you happen to lock out yourself in a dangerous area or some time of the evening. Nevertheless, this should not be such an issue if you are ready to achieve a trusted automobile locksmith service that will assist you to get back into your vehicle.

Car Lockout

Things to Watch out for in an automobile lockout company

1 thing is for certain, some locksmith solutions are more dependable and experienced than others. Selecting which one is your ideal fit for your purpose that you want them is rather an easy option. All you will need is only a bit of research on the services of this locksmith about you. It is recommended that you do this study in advance, however, and maintain the contact info of the business that you choose consistently with you in the event of any lockout. Here’s the very first thing to do; telephone the locksmith up services locally and discover out their fees for crises. You must get this done today, as you don’t wish to be phoning around for quotes when you are locked in the midst of nowhere legacy-locksmith.com

It is important you select locksmith(s) which are nearer to the areas you normally park. If you are constantly on a lengthy commute, then locate several services to telephone up in crises. This will lessen the total amount of time you may spend waiting to get a lockout support to come to your rescue when you are locked out of your vehicle.

The final thing is going to be to assess with friends, co-workers, and household for any comments about the locksmith services that you pick. Read online references and client testimonials also — it will help!

Mortise locks 101

  • Here some door lock would have a handle along with it that would make your work easy by using that “sash lock”, you can open as well as close the door easily.
  • When you prefer the lock without any handle then you can pick up the “deadlock” and this type of locks are non-deadlocking and normally it would be a pin tumbler rim lock.

Mortise locks 101The mortise lock would be depended based on its lock, trim, strike, plate and keyed cylinder. When you also would like to fit them in your home by yourselves then you cannot able to fit in perfectly because you would have not done this before. In that case what can you do? You can make use of the locksmith help. for more information visit handsonatl.org

  • It is because they would have a well equipped tool for fitting inside it.
  • When everything goes perfect then there would be any damages found in your doors.
  • As well you can feel safe and comfortable whenever you lock and go out and come back.

Special features of mortise locks 

When you just see the mortise lock it would be entirely different when compared to the normal type of locks. It provides the unbelievable durable power and you can abele to find them with in different designs as like the stainless steel and antique to the rustic contemporary designs. Where you can buy and make use of the latest model locks that suits for your pretty doors.

What can you do when you found your lock is not functioning properly?

You may buy and use the latest and trending Mortise lock 101 but also due to some problem it might had damaged in between. This would put you in hectic situation whenever you open as well as you close your door. If this should not happen in that case you pick up the best locksmith and utilize their services. You can contact them through online within few minutes they would rush up with their team in front of your home. They would investigate the problem and solve them as well they would repair everything and make the situation as like normal always.

Understand the importance of common locksmith services

Locksmith is offering highly demanded service that is mostly related to install and maintain different types of the locks system from standard key locks to biometric lock or electronic lock. Common types of the locksmith profession can provide a huge range of service to their clients such as industrial, emergency, residential and commercial. Locksmith has gained knowledge and experience to recommend the effective locks for your property windows and doors. A business or commercial locksmith might be involved with working on the large-sized security system that includes security requires for retail establishments, office buildings or schools.

common locksmith services

Advantages of hiring locksmith service provider

Automobile locksmith is having many years of knowledge in working with all kinds of the keys and locks to fit different models of the vehicles. You are always suggested to hire professional and experienced locksmith service provider. They can also provide an amazing quality of service to their clients such as keyless entry, key cutting, master keying, security locks for the residence and commercial establishments, lost key replacement and window lock repairs. One of the best ways to find out the locksmith is that search in online. Vast numbers of the benefits are associated when you hire locksmith such as

  • Availability
  • Fast response time
  • Remote locations
  • Extensive training
  • Specialized service

A licensed and certified locksmith undergoes the extensive training and this kind of the training is really useful to fix any kinds of locks. They can provide a huge array of the services such as lock replacement, lock installation, file cabinet locks, electronic locks, cash boxes, door closers and safe combination changes. Some of the locksmiths can perform a wide range of the lockout solutions to both commercial and residential calls. As everyone knows commercial and residential places might use different types of the security system, high-end security products and locks for security of their equipment, materials, premises and items.

Everything to know about locksmith service

A professional locksmith can attend any kinds of the residential problems of the locks and they can use only perfect quality of equipment. If you are choosing best locksmith service provider then you can get guarantee service at 24/7. They always come up with the right solution to offer amazing locksmith service. They are having licensed, certified and legally bonded technicians in order to offer you with excellent solutions to your office, home or automobile lock problem at an affordable price. You must choose only professional locksmith service provider because they might only offer amazing service.

Locksmith Services: the Best Way to Avoid Burglaries

Locksmith Services: the Best Way to Avoid Burglaries Locksmith Services- In many situations, locking, rekeying or any other related problems are faced by almost everyone in both the residential and commercial places. Today, most of the individuals would want to upgrade their locking system in the offices and homes in order to avoid the burglaries. With the typical locking system, the intruders are easily breaking it and theft all your valuable things. For increasing the maximum security in your place, first of all, you should need is to hire a professional locksmith who is an expert in providing the extraordinary range of lock upgrading services to prevent intruders involving in the miscellaneous activities.

Improving the security of your locks:

Every year home burglaries are rapidly increasing and you should be very careful in taking care of your home security by installing the advanced security locks which are all using the advanced technologies.

  • It is always a bad thing when someone has got your personal property. In order to get rid of such things, it is essential to create the advanced security locks on your doors with the help of the professional locksmiths.
  • The locksmiths are real professionals who know everything about the security locks and improving the locking system of the home or office.
  • If you hire a well trained, skilled and highly experienced locksmith from the leading locksmith service provider, he will suggest you which is a right choice of the highly secured locking system in order to hire and safeguard all your valuables inside your office or home.
  • Improving the office security system is also very important to everyone to secure all your valuable files and databases.

Some crime prevention tips

In most of the burglaries, the criminals are breaking the windows and door locks of the house or flat. This is why it is essential to make sure that your doors are strong and secure. For this purpose, all the house owners should need to hire a locksmith from the top rated locksmith service company who will deeply analyze your home or office to find which locking system is the most suitable choice to you.

There are both the key operated and remote control based locks now available to both the windows and doors to fit based on the security needs of the house owners. You just call a locksmith & tell about your situation and he will provide you a suitable locking solution with maximum security.



10 Simple Home Security Tips

10 Simple Home Security Tips

Everyone must have a safe and secured home. Your home is the safest place in the world for you and your family and yet people are most vulnerable when they are home. We let our guard down and we are complacent. Unless you take some failsafe security measures, you will remain vulnerable. Here are ten simple home security tips that you should endorse and follow up on.

  • Check the locks in your home. Check all the locks and be sure if they are the best you can have. Locks are not a fixture you would invest in every now and then. The best locks will cost a fair sum of money but you are only investing in them once, perhaps in decades. If you have locks that are easy pickings, replace them today.
  • Do your locks have great keys? The quality of the keys depends on the locks but there are some keys that cannot be duplicated very easily. You must have such keys. Whenever you hand over your keys to some contractors or even your neighbors, friends and relatives, get the locks rekeyed or the keys changed. You never know who had gotten access to the keys and have had them duplicated.
  • Have different locks and keys for different gates, rooms and fixtures in your home. Do not have the same type of locks and keys. It will make the job of an intruder or trespasser really easy.
  • Always have a state of the art home security system. It could be a door alarm, a video surveillance unit or a combination of both and you may also get motion sensors.
  • Always have a strong main gate, a failsafe garage door and all doors as well as windows should be very sturdy and durable.
  • We often focus on locks for the doors but not windows. Have locks for windows.
  • Always have adequate lights, not inside your home but outside. The interiors are of course your prerogative. It is dark outdoors that invite intruders.
  • Negate blind spots in your yard, backyard, lawn, garden or driveway. Do away with large bushes that may offer refuge to intruders.
  • Have a safe. You don’t need to have a priceless jewel. Even if you have a stack of cash, some expensive gadgets or some precious items, they must go into the safe, which should not be portable.
  • Always consider home automation systems with remote access. It is absolutely natural for any homeowner or individual to be forgetful. Being forgetful time and again will compromise your home security.

Home Security Tips