Common Lock Issues and Solutions

Door locks keep your property, loved ones, and possessions safe and away from potential dangers such as thieves or intruders. But what if your door locks and keys are faulty or broken? Well, that can be a real problem. Fortunately, most lock problems are easy and quick to fix. In fact, you can do it alone if you have the right tools and techniques. Below we have provided some common lock problems and the solutions how to help avoid or solve them.


Key broke indoor


Breaking a key in a door can be extremely frustrating, and it is one of most common locks and keys issues business and homeowners face. Broken keys typically occur when you are trying to rush the securing or opening of the lock. You can avoid this by simply taking your time when you are unlocking or locking the door. This will not only prevent you from the breaking the key in the lock but as well as make sure that the lock is secured properly.


Key is not inserting


There are many reasons why a key won’t insert into the door. In this case, the first thing you should do is to check if you are using the right key. While this may sound obvious, most people make the mistake of opening a lock with the wrong key. If you’re using the right key but the key is still not inserting, don’t force it. Instead, call a reliable locksmith to diagnose the problem in no time.


Lock isn’t working


If your lock is not working properly or it is not working completely at all, it’s best to leave this issue to the pros as this is commonly caused by a mechanical issue. While you can remove the lock and try to find the source of the issue, there’s no guarantee that you can fix it by just disassembling it. You can always reach out to a professional locksmith if you are having problems with your locks.


Slow door locks


Slow door locks are easy to fix. When grime or dirt has gathered in your locks, this issue occurs. All you have to do is to grab a cotton swab and insert it into the lock. This will allow you to collect the dirt inside the lock. If this does not work, try to lubricate the lock. Avoid grease and oil and stick to silicone spray to lubricate the faulty lock.


You have two options when your locks break: fix it yourself or call a professional. If you have proper tools and you have an idea how to fix lock and key issues, then that’s great. If not, then better leave it to the professionals.