10 Simple Home Security Tips

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10 Simple Home Security Tips

Everyone must have a safe and secured home. Your home is the safest place in the world for you and your family and yet people are most vulnerable when they are home. We let our guard down and we are complacent. Unless you take some failsafe security measures, you will remain vulnerable. Here are ten simple home security tips that you should endorse and follow up on.

  • Check the locks in your home. Check all the locks and be sure if they are the best you can have. Locks are not a fixture you would invest in every now and then. The best locks will cost a fair sum of money but you are only investing in them once, perhaps in decades. If you have locks that are easy pickings, replace them today.
  • Do your locks have great keys? The quality of the keys depends on the locks but there are some keys that cannot be duplicated very easily. You must have such keys. Whenever you hand over your keys to some contractors or even your neighbors, friends and relatives, get the locks rekeyed or the keys changed. You never know who had gotten access to the keys and have had them duplicated.
  • Have different locks and keys for different gates, rooms and fixtures in your home. Do not have the same type of locks and keys. It will make the job of an intruder or trespasser really easy.
  • Always have a state of the art home security system. It could be a door alarm, a video surveillance unit or a combination of both and you may also get motion sensors.
  • Always have a strong main gate, a failsafe garage door and all doors as well as windows should be very sturdy and durable.
  • We often focus on locks for the doors but not windows. Have locks for windows.
  • Always have adequate lights, not inside your home but outside. The interiors are of course your prerogative. It is dark outdoors that invite intruders.
  • Negate blind spots in your yard, backyard, lawn, garden or driveway. Do away with large bushes that may offer refuge to intruders.
  • Have a safe. You don’t need to have a priceless jewel. Even if you have a stack of cash, some expensive gadgets or some precious items, they must go into the safe, which should not be portable.
  • Always consider home automation systems with remote access. It is absolutely natural for any homeowner or individual to be forgetful. Being forgetful time and again will compromise your home security.

Home Security Tips