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Who We are?

Do you have issues with your locks? Or have you misplaced your key? Do you want to change your lock? We can be of help to you. In fact, we are locksmith 11211 specialize in resolving all kinds of lock issues. While there are many locksmith companies here in New York, we distinguish ourselves in many ways.

24-hour emergency locksmith services

We understand that your lock can pack up anytime and you can misplace either your car key or your home key anytime; so we are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In fact, lock issues usually come up at awkward hours. This is why locksmith services are fraught with emergency and we provide 24-hour emergency services.

You could also mistakenly break your car key in your ignition out of impatience. Whenever that happens to you, don’t fret. Just give us a call and our professional locksmiths will be with you shortly after.

Residential services

We offer residential locksmith services. We can help you change all your locks if you have a suspicion that someone else has a copy of your keys. We can also help you reprogram your keyless lock. If it is a new apartment; we also install the best and most durable locks.

Commercial services

We provide commercial locksmith services too. We have expertise and the human resources to help you program your keyless locks and give access to only a few of your staff as requested by you. We can also program your lock to prevent it from granting access to anybody during non-official hours. So, if any of your employees comes around during weekend, he or she will be denied access. You will be the only one that has 24/7 access to your properties.

One of our most important principles is punctuality. This is why we offer quick response. We respond to calls immediately because every lock issue is a big incapacitation and requires a quick fix.

Auto services

We can also help with the lock of your car. It is not uncommon for motorists to misplace their car key in the office or in any other location apart from their home. You could also encounter a lock out. Whichever situation you find yourself; don’t panic. We are just a call away. Our professionals will hit the road once we receive your call.

Best quality at the best rates

Since all locksmiths are licensed and bonded, it is needless to state it as one of our distinguishing qualities. Although we offer the highest quality service, our rates are reasonable and highly competitive. We offer one of the best rates in New York.

we offer all kinds of locksmith services but our core services are as follows:

  • We unlock any kind of lock
  • We replace regular and high security locks and cylinders
  • We rekey all types of cylinder
  • We unlock all kinds of vehicles without a single scratch
  • We also cut and program car key and keyless entry remote for all kinds of vehicles